Mann mit Kinderfahrrad und Fahrradwimpel steht vor Kofferraum eines Autos

Stowed away quickly and easily

You want to transport the children's bike with the pennant in the trunk or stow it in a niche in the basement or something similar? With all our products, this is easily possible with a simple movement. The four-part pennants can be quickly folded to a height of 38 cm by loosening the connecting pieces.

Falrbarer Fahrradwimpel

Our products with a telescopic rod are also easy to reduce. The individual segments of the rod are simply pushed into each other, the pennant then has a height of 62 cm (FinnG) or 44 cm (BarbaraC).

Teleskop-Fahrradwimpel schieben

And the trip can start with the loaded bikes.

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