Kind auf dem Fahrrad

Why do kids need bike pennants?

Bicycle pennants increase road safety!

A safety flag is indispensable for children, as the little ones are easily overlooked in traffic. Unfortunately, a bike pennant is often seen as just a fun item and the important safety aspect for children on the road is completely overlooked. Children are at great risk. The Federal Statistical Office determined for 2016 that every 18 minutes a child under 15 years is injured on Germany's roads. That's a total of 28,547 accidents and every single one of these accidents is a moment of fate for the family. A third of these accidents happened to cyclists and most of them are to 6 to 14 year olds Cyclists completing the route to school and back. As the most common cause of accidents , the police determined wrong behavior of the children on the street:

You didn't see the traffic properly, you suddenly stepped out from behind obstacles, used the wrong lane with your bike or positioned yourself incorrectly in the flow of traffic

The problem: Children lack important skills in road traffic.

  • Because of their size, they can't see the traffic very well.
  • Speed ​​and distance cannot be estimated yet.
  • Peripheral vision - field of vision - and visual acuity is only developed at the age of 12 like that of an adult. A 9-year-old child can only see two-thirds of traffic like an adult without moving his eyes and head.

Children have their own point of view: what they don't see isn't there.

If you don't see well yet, you need to be seen well!

Even if children's road traffic skills are not yet fully developed, correct vision can and should be learned. On the other hand, if children can't see well, they need to be seen better. A bicycle safety pennant is an important tool here. When playing or crossing a street between parked cars, the children are not visible even on a bicycle. A bicycle flag protrudes over the car roofs and allows drivers to react in good time.

So the motto of wimpli is safety through visibility!

Autofahrrer am Steuer und Kind mit Fahrrad auf dem Zebrastreifen
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