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BarbaraC is a redesigned bicycle pennant. Instead of a flag, we use colorful satin ribbons that dance in the wind as you ride. The Rod consists of an FRP telescopic rod. As a result, the bicycle pennant is not only light as a feather, but also stable. Despite the optimal height of the pennant, there is no pendulum effect.


The telescopic pole is made of carbon reinforced polymer (FRP). For the material of the straps, we rely on high-quality satin, which is more durable than PVC straps. The attachment is made of solid aluminum. The pennant is made of high-quality materials and is manufactured in the EU .

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Folded size: 44 x 7 x 3.5 cm
Unfolded height: 160 cm
Weight: 90 g (45% lighter than our 4-piece pennants)

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Ein Kind auf einem Fahrrad wird durch die Fahrradfahne hinter parkenden Autos gesehen

optimal height

As far as we know, the BarbaraC model is the first bicycle pennant with a telescopic rod. Conventional bicycle pennants consist of a heavy and elastic fiberglass rod. This results in the pendulum effect when driving, in which the flag swings to the left and right. To reduce this pendulum effect, short pennants of 1.5m and less are commonly produced. However, this means that the flag is no longer visible behind parked cars. We offer the perfect solution with a 1.6 m long fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) telescopic rod.

  • Teleskopwimpel aufschieben

    The telescope material is light and yet stable and thus prevents the pendulum effect described. The telescopic rod can be extended and retracted like a fishing rod. This means that the children's bike with pennant can be easily transported in the car.

  • BarbaraC Telekopstange zusammen- und auseinandergeschoben

    The telescopic rod is 160 cm long when extended and only 44 cm when pushed together. Together with the extremely solid aluminum bracket, the BarbaraC model has a total weight of just 90 g and is therefore 50% lighter than our 4-piece pennants. This avoids additional weight on the bike, which is particularly important for children's bikes

  • Aluminium Halterung für Teleskopwimpel

    The telescopic pole comes with an alluminum bracket. Most bicycles can be attached to the wheel hub. That depends on whether the axle bolt has an extra 6mm of play in the thread. If this is not possible, the attachment can alternatively be attached to a different thread on the frame. Here, for example, the luggage rack thread next to the hub screw is a good idea. This means that the pennant can be attached to almost all bicycles, wheels, bicycle trailers, recumbent bikes or wheelchairs.

  • Explosionsbild zum Befestigen

    1. The supplied rubber strip is glued to the side of the bracket that faces the frame.

    2. No additional screws are required for mounting on the wheel hub. After loosening the hub screw, the attachment is pushed onto the hub and then fixed with the screw. Make sure that the bicycle chain is slightly tensioned again.

  • Fahrradnabe mit Teleskopwimpel Befestigung

    An unusual frame shape or a luggage rack mount close to the wheel axle can mean that a conventional mounting plate cannot be attached. The bracket's innovative angled shape allows it to be mounted on virtually any frame type.